Vaping with the Kingo Vape Pen.

Kingo Vape Stick or Vape Pen
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Quitting smoking these days is easy with vape pens such as the one we review from Kingo.  I’m an ex smoker of a habit so large I’m too ashamed to go into detail, but with the help of vaping and Kingo I was able to completely stop the wicked weed around 9 years ago now!  I first started with other types of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) – patches, gum the usual suspects but although I managed to stop, I was never really comfortable with the things I was using, the patches made my skin itch, and the gum didn’t really seem to hit the mark.

From the outset truthfully, I didn’t want to stop nicotine itself, so when I got hold of a Kingo and some vape juice I found myself in smokers heaven – a method which provided a satisfying nicotine “hit” – and if you believe the medical community, then this came with a huge reduction in relative harm caused by smoking tobacco.

I get my kit from a place called ok smokey on the internet (if you do a google search for that you will find them), they supply everything you could ever need to start up with your vaping and pack in the cigs.  I chose the Kingo model because it was large with a good battery capacity (650mah).  I should quickly digress slightly here – I tried those imitation cigs and I was going through them so fast it was costing me a fortune and they were non-refillable and they always needed charging – so the choice was based on the large tank and battery.

It arrived in an attractively packaged box with outer branding and appeared to be well made and solid to the feel.  It comes with two atomizers which can be replaced with a different design called a clearomizer which allows you to more easily see the level the vape juice is currently at so that you know when a refill is due.  Although these don’t come with the startup kit, they are only a few pounds and as opinions vary on which is the best type, you may well find yourself sticking with the originals.  The top of the vape pen unclips and reveals an small hole into which a needle can be inserted (on the end of a syringe) you squeeze the juice through the needle and into the chamber/tank then clip the top back on.  Once full the battery is screwed onto the tank and vaping is now simply a matter of drawing on the mouthpiece and pressing the power button.  Some are activated with the suction alone, but I prefer the button press devices as the others I have had have sometimes just failed and sat there puffing away on the table by themselves – not good.

The different strengths of e liquid you can buy and the different flavours available make for a great smoking and nicotine experience – to be honest – you can make yourself sick if you go for something too strong and puff hard enough – so take care – you would be unlikely to smoke twenty normal cigarettes in one go, so don’t go doing the equivalent with a vape pen – you’ll be ill or worse.

The batteries last for around 3 hours once fully charged, but this information is relative to how many puffs you take.  My kingo never leaves my hands and I am “on it” constantly, which is not an issue on the low nicotine dose juice, but would be on the higher levels.  A more conservative user may be able to get a full day out of a single battery charge, its completely variable.

When it comes to batteries, always buy two so that one can be charging whilst the other is being drained during usage.  I have three.  They are charged with the mains USB plug and cable, the cable can be disconnected and plugged into a PC usb port, I have also used it to charge batteries in the car via a cheap USB adaptor I purchased from Aldi.  Keep your eye on batteries, and although I do it with other power sources – I would only suggest charging them with the supplied equipment, as Lithium Ion batteries can be dangerous when attached to the wrong power supplies.

As they charge, there is a set of five LEDs on the base of the battery which light up as more charge is stored.  When in use, the lights gradually go out as the power depletes.  This gives ample time for you to ensure you are ready with your next fully charged battery.

I would not give up my Kingo vaping habit for anything, it is far cheaper than smoking and less harmful according to the medical community, I enjoy an aniseed flavour with nicotine and it leaves no smell in the house or car at all, and very rarely is there a haze of smoke hanging in the air (I presume this is because it is mainly vapour).

It fits in my shirt pocket with the top poking out so is relatively unobtrusive, larger than cigarettes but that doesn’t worry me in the slightest.  It is a popular design used by many makers – but this is the brand I trust and have used now for around 5 years.  (The first 4 years were wasted on patches etc as I described above).  In summary – if you want to stop smoking and take up vaping, go for a Kingo and you won’t go wrong.



Kingo with Atomizer


    Kingo with Clearomizer



      • - A great vape - lots of vapour
      • - Healthier than Smoking
      • - Kingo Brand
      • - Easy for new parts


      • - Wish the power lasted longer
      • - You can chew through the mouth parts if not careful
      If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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