Ultrasonic PIR Cat Repeller Solar Powered for Garden Pests

Keep the garden clear of fouling.
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I suffer from cat pests and filthy foul in my garden and I am really hoping this ultrasonic cat repeller will scare the stinking feline blighters away once and for all.  Solar power is the way forward with these types of gadgets because constantly having to replace the dwindling normal batteries is a pain on three different levels.

1.) With other cat repelling ultrasonic devices with no solar power you have to remove the box from the garden.
2.) Get screwdrivers out for the battery compartment.
3.) Get the batteries out.
4.) Replace them or recharge them.
5.) Re-load them getting the polarity correct.

Etc Etc.  Why bother.  With a solar powered cat repeller your ultrasonic won’t become less vibrant over time as the electricity drains slowly from the batteries – each day it will be thankfully topped up by the hot sunshine and ready to scare the disgusting cats out of your clean and tidy garden.  Lets face it – I don’t even have any cats and yet I am the sorry victim of having the pests hanging round my garden and doing their foul both on my well cut front lawn and in my carefully laid out gravel and welsh slate bedding.  The pesky feline cat types don’t stop at making a horrid stench either, they constantly scratch away at my favourite bondi gold gravel and scatter it all over the grass.  I basically really needed this solar powered cat repeller because the muck makes me heave and it makes my kids sick too.

This one has a solar panel on the top, which must (as far as possible) get good strong sunlight to charge the lithium-ion batteries (there are 3 in the compartment). I see the solar aspect as a huge advantage over the traditional repellers, because I used to get angry at having to change them all the time.  Not only that but as the power drained, the tone went down and could be heard by humans and did nothing to frighten the cats away.  Here is an image.
Solar Cat Repeller in the garden plants.
Although this particular model is quite large in size, it is fairly well hidden as being green in colour it blends in with plants, moss and weeds in the garden.  People passing by on the road will not see it unless they are actively looking for something to steal from your garden.  As you can see it has the solar light collector at the very top, followed downwards by a bright strobe light which flashes rapidly on activation of the next component which is the infra red PIR motion detector.  Below that is the funnel speaker where the high frequency ultrasonic sound is emitted.  There are then two round control knobs which rotate to modify the settings :-

Left Control – this allows the owner to set the sensitivity of the PIR detector.  This is useful in gardens where you do not want activation for people moving in and out of the door, in this case you may reduce the sensitivity.  This particularly stylish garden pest scare gadget can detect movement from right across my entire garden even on a low sensitivity setting.  You can view its position within my garden – I have angled it so that the PIR range can get a good “view” long ways down the lawn – positioning it on a long side of the grass would potentially reduce its effectiveness at larger angles.  Hopefully this way it is more likely to be tripped by unwanted cats.

Motion Detector on Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller
Because of the fact I have only had this installed for a day or two – I haven’t had chance to measure its effectiveness against the local cat population, however functionally it is working so in theory it should work well as a non-harmful deterrent.  I don’t want to cause injury or pain to the cats, which is why I chose this particular type of method over more aggressive cat / animal / pet / pest control options.  The idea being that a rapid blast of ultrasonic will just be sufficient to worry the visitor enough so that it will not settle down to do its fouling.

I did have a water blasting type – but this broke down due to constant triggering by postmen and the like and it was also let down by the fact it wasn’t powered by solar energy.

I look forward to a clean, pest free garden again and will report back if there are any mishaps.

Cat Repeller

Cat Repeller

PIR Ultrasonic



    • - In green
    • - Solar Powered
    • - Motion Detect
    • - Strobe light


    • - Needs to be in good sun
    If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!