Nikwax UV Proof Waterproofing Wax (bottled or spray)

Nikwax UV Proofing
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The waterproof solution Nikwax UV Proof is available in a spray format or as a liquid in a bottle which you can pour out into a container, dab with a cloth to get some on it (or a sponge preferably), and then apply to the material you wish to wax in order to make it waterproof.

We have tested this on three different items with great success.

Tent.  When spraying it onto the tent, the Nikwax tended to bobble in the thread or weave so a large car wash sponge was used to spread it evenly and get it into all the seams, stitching  and creases.  The tent was used twice after application, and rained on both times.  Once heavy.  The Nikwax UV proof liquid had plenty of time to dry before it got wet initially, at least a day and night (so 24 hours+) which is important although it doesn’t really need anywhere near as long as this, but we won’t say how long it needs as it depends on the weather if being left outdoors.  The rain simply bounces and rolls in droplets off any surface which has had the Nikwax applied to it – it performs flawlessly as a waterproofing agent, and there were no leaks whatsoever.  The tent is an old canvas type from the 90’s aswell, so as you can imagine the heavy material took in a lot of wax but prior to application it hadn’t been touched for years.

Garden Umbrella.  The wax was applied to a large red garden umbrella which is made from very thin and loose weave material.  Colour was an issue here as we didn’t want to end up with a white brolly and hadn’t really paid much attention to the finer details of (if any) discolouration to the old tent.  The Nikwax was applied for both the purpose of proofing (from damp in storage rather than setting it up in the rain which we never do anyway)  and also to help protect the deep red colour of the umbrella from the summer sun during those long afternoon BBQ’s!  There was no change in the colour of the umbrella – no staining or anything – the wax dried off quickly and did not have any effect on the shade of the red at all.

Convertible Car Roof.  We have an old convertible with a plastic / woven / rubberized type of soft top.  This is around 15 years old now and has never been garaged or looked after properly.  Naturally the roof now leaks as the rubber component in the covering material has broken down exposing the threads within over fairly large “patchy” areas.  I was a little concerned at first about putting the Nikwax on it because the car is “my baby” as it were but waterproofing it was more important and the excellent results I had had on other things gave me the confidence to give it a go.  I used a large sponge and wiped the wax over the car roof giving it a thorough and even covering.  The results were yet again fantastic – the water bobbles then runs off immediately.

In terms of how long the waterproofing lasts, I would say the car presents the most accurate information I have.  I would say I need to proof it once a month or two – but I suspect this is overkill on my part just worrying about it leaking if I let it slip.  In terms of cost it has easily paid for itself as a new convertible roof fitted is around £800.  The task of application only takes around 15 minutes – so to avoid the replacement roof it’s actually a pleasure to do!

These are the things we have used the Nikwax waterproof liquid on – and they have worked very well for us.  I only wish I had heard about it sooner to protect my convertible car with – because if I had, the UV (ultra-violet) protection may have also given the soft top extra longevity.  Talking of which, one of the containers with this in – I have had in the shed for well over two years, and it still works!

Nikwax UV Proof

Nikwax UV Proof

Nikwax Spray


    Nikwax Bottle



      • - Waterproof after using Nikwax - no problem
      • - Lasts for a long time as best we know
      • - No Colour change


      • - Spray can blow a bit in the wind
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