Encona Hot Chilli Pepper Sauce.

Original Econa Chilli Sauce
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So, you like a hot chilli sauce?  Then there is a brand out there called “Encona” and they make a really hot chilli sauce which is available in many supermarkets.

Here at Review Raptor we like our Chilli sauces which is purely a co-incidence really in terms of doing the website – just one of those things, but thought it would be great to do a review and what pretty much turns out to be a raving recommendation for this product.  Now here you can be 100% certain that I have tried this, infact I “try” it almost every other day, and it tastes so good and strong that not only do I use it on many of my meals, I REALLY USE IT.  Upto a third of a bottle at a time!  So here we go…..

You will already know there are hundreds of condiments out there which can be used to add a little spice to an otherwise ordinary meal, but being fed up of those I looked into getting something a little stronger.  My path to Encona Chilli sauce went something like this.

Brown sauce (Daddies etc)
Lea and Perrins Chilli and Garlic Sauce – (now this is also VERY NICE – but it just didn’t have the “kick” or “bite” I really sought).
Some cheap indian tasting bottle with a wooden top (I say indian because it tasted more like an indian curry this is largely irrelevant and I cannot even remember its name – it “happened” though and it was a part of my journey towards the goal!)
Tabasco Chilli Sauce – not bad – not quite hot enough for my liking and a major flaw was that the bottle it comes in is just too small.  I needed heat and the only way to get this was use practically the whole bottle up each time it came out of the cupboard.
Encona Original – The real deal – in this I found exactly what I was looking for.

Now this is really hot – does what it says on the tin.  I pour it onto the side of a plate of chops and chips then dip as I go, and I normally end up using a good quarter of a bottle because it tastes so “right”.  It leaves a real burning sensation on your lips and inside the mouth which can last for ages aswell even once you’ve finished the meal.  It is definitely NOT for those who do not like red hot chilli sauces.  If it’s your first time, go carefully because it says “hot” on the bottle for a reason, it may be wise for you to test a smidge on your finger and dab it onto your tongue before putting it on the plate because if you can’t take it right away, then its going to take time to get used to it – and this is what has happened to me.

The first time I had it – it blew my head off – literally, and even now two or three years down the line I get sweaty (gross) on my head by the time i’ve finished my tea – surely that’s a great sign of a successful recipe from Encona?

Notice above that I mention the additional “original” word after the Encona.  The thing is, at some point they have brought out another, the Encona Extra Hot Pepper Sauce version.  I have tried this on a few different occasions now, but to me, it’s more of a sideways step in truth, it tastes a little different than the original, but not really much stronger or hotter.  That may be because my taste buds are so used to having the original.

All up – if you want HOT then we highly recommend this sauce, it’s the best thing since sliced bread seriously.  You may even find it addictive, lets put it this way, after Encona, I certainly can’t be bothered going back to the likes of traditional brown sauce or other “weaker” chilli pepper sauces, that’s for certain.

Encona Chilli Sauce

Encona Chilli Sauce

Original Encona Chilli Sauce


    Extra Hot Encona Chilli Sauce



      • - Its mega hot!


      • - Can't get enough
      If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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