Crypto and NFT Game Views – New To The World!

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These days lots of people are going on about crypto currency and what it can and cannot be used for.

Many people argue or state that it has no value and should be got rid of because it serves no purpose.  People cite “use case” for a given coin or token as being non-existent.  Well times have changed now with the introduction of games – as can be seen at a new and upcoming website which aims to show how various tokens now have a use in games such as Axie Inifinity and Splinterlands!

The thing is – that NFT game platforms and implementations are on the increase and are new around the world, with players getting to grips with the ability to set up an account on a crypto trading platform like coinbase or kucoin, setting up a wallet with the likes of MetaMask – and then diving into the world of NFT art and finally recognising the ability to OWN nft’s WITHIN THE GAMES.

That’s right – within the actual game views (like in the shop) (whether they are desktop or mobile based) players can buy items such as weapons, land, skills, skins and the list is endless, then proof of ownership is actually provided on the blockchain!

NFT's in games are becoming common
NFT’s are appearing in many games.

So for example, lets say you want to join a game but you want a good weapon.  The game will have a store and in there you can choose in the weapons section the item you want.  Your wallet will be connected to the game site and in an instant, having sent the required crypto to the game owner, you will have in your game the weapon you wanted.  Now if you get better at the game, you may be able to sell the item to another player, who maybe hasn’t levelled up to your skill position.  Non-fungible token methods are being used, as we say, to identify the owner, so if another player buys the NFT from you – they then become the rightful owner and can provide evidence of the purchase.

There are other, more complex NFT’s out there in the games as well.  For example, you may get hold of a plot of land and then be able to rent it out to other players for a residual income!  But be aware – the land may have cost you REAL FIAT MONEY to buy, and you may lose more money.  This is not financial advice – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH because we are not qualified to provide advice on matters related to financial transactions.  This blog is really just here to make you aware that games are available in which nft’s are actually being traded in the marketplace.

Look out for titles like The Sandbox, Thetan Arena, Ember Sword and Star Atlas to name just a few!  Some of the games are being developed by TOP gaming developers who have previously written code for the likes of Call of Duty and get this…… Halo!

We went over a couple of the games and see that the graphics are smooth, 3d and just as effective as anything you would expect of a mobile or desktop game.

What is an NFT game?
An NFT game is simply a game in which items within the game are NFT’s (Non-fungible token) and can be traded for tokens and crypto currency. Such items could be skills, weapons, skins, profiles.  You may have to purchase an NFT to enter the game – so beware!

How to get free NFT’s?
To get free NFT’s, some games do “drops” whereby registered players can randomly get a free NFT.  You keep watching out on a regular basis for release dates for NFT drops on your favorite game.

Is there a free NFT Game?
There are many free NFT games, you have to download them – read their terms carefully because some will say they are free, but then ask you for money to play or to get an NFT so choose carefully.


We think that NFT gaming has a great future – even though it could be said that exchanging nft’s for crypto currency tokens is a bit pointless – given real money has been used for a very long time in games, in particular where mobile games are concerned we have been buying “upgrades and features” for years with our cash cards!
So look out for the games and once again – be careful where you join and ensure that if you want a free game – a free game is what you get!



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    If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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