Bear Grylls Coat Jacket for Children with Survival Tips

Review of the Craghoppers Bear Jacket.
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Bear Grylls and Craghoppers brand have made a jacket for the children which contains survival tips on the inside!  I couldn’t resist buying one of these for the lad who has watched a ton of Bear Grylls’ shows over the years and winced at the insect eating and awed at the freezing cold swimming action and mountain climbing.
So when I was looking for a new school jacket for him I lost all self control and thought “the colour is near enough” and got him this.
Review of the bear grylls jacket

I’m considering who I actually bought this for really – me or the lad?!!!  Because I want one now aswell.  Anyway – you can see it has two pockets on the side and the pull string to tighten the hood, the Bear Grylls logo is on there with the Craghoppers name beneath it.  The zip runs from beneath the chin to the bottom, its plastic and quite a chunky type so should last a good while.  The next image shows the logo area – note that it is not embroidered but still, the orange colour makes it stand out against the black (or nearly black) of the jacket body and its a good size.
The non-embroidered logos.

The other thing I am pointing out there is that the zip is covered so this provides added protection from the elements such as wind and rain.  You can also see the level of quality of the stitching along the zip and the fine weave of the material the jacket is made out of.

Here we can see the hood area and the small flap covering the top of the zip – this provides added comfort when wearing the coat and helps prevent the top of the zip catching on the owners neck and rubbing.  The draw strings to tighten the hood around the face are also the same colour as the logo and the matching shades look a great contrast against the background darkness.  It is fairly thin – so more like an over coat or jacket, but that’s its purpose – it is not meant to be the only thing you should wear to keep you warm in cold temperatures.  Water resistance and style are the two main functions of this Bear Grylls / Craghoppers jacket in my humble opinion.

The hood on the bear grylls jacket
The last thing to review which I liked about this jacket which really impressed my son was the list of survival tips on the inside, so lets say you are out in the wilds, you remove your jacket, open it up and lo and behold there’s a load of hints on the back.  Check out the image below for the list – you should be able to read them – if not click it and it will zoom in.
Inside the coat we have some tips
So in summary there, your Bear Grylls jacket reads get some food and water, improve adapt and overcome, have a positive mental attitude and faith in yourself and make sure you are set up for being rescued.  The key to survival though is never ever give up.  So take some advice from the main man himself there – and if you find yourself stuck in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere with your Grylls jacket on, take a peek inside and have a read to make sure you are doing all the right things!

I rate this jacket 10/10 – can’t fault it.

Bear Grylls Coat Jacket for Children with Survival Tips


Black and Orange Jacket



    • - Survival Tips
    • - Bear Grylls Name
    • - Looks Cool
    • - Well Made


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