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If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

Fed up with being sent utter rubbish from sellers?

Do you resent the total lies and scams on the internet and in shops?
Are you angry at imported junk being made to look high spec by sellers “friends” and “associates”?
Are you sometimes annoyed with “armchair experts” knocking fantastic products through their own lack of knowledge and stupidity?
Are you unsure about a product because you’re FULLY AWARE OF THE NUMBER OF FAKE REVIEWS OUT THERE?
Have you trusted a review because it seemed genuine, then got sent the junk the item really is?

The why not JOIN THE RAPTOR and add YOUR reviews to our website.

If you have a great product – or a bad one – or a mediocre one – it doesn’t matter, simply send in your review and we will publish it for the world to see!

We only accept people who can write in the English language (a degree is not required and you do not need to be a professional author!)  and we are looking for people to write honest reviews about items THEY OWN or HAVE OWNED in the past.  You will be passionate about the TRUTH.

My ReviewSo – without further messing around, open up your email and write to us with a short paragraph which you would see as a good potential excerpt from your first review (as if you had just completed one).

Send it to us at the email address stamped on the Raptor on the left.  (We have to put the address in an image, because we get soooo much spam from people who live in the past and still thinks it somehow “works”).  Use a subject of “Reviewer”.

If you are a merchant / seller and want us to review a product for you – then send us an email to the same address and explain who you are and what you would like to achieve.  Use a subject of “Reviewed”.

Happy Reviewing!!! – The Raptor Team.

If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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