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What is text to video?

Text to video AI essentially refers to a type of artificial intelligence computing technology that can automatically create a video based on input text. This generated video is achieved by using complex Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to attain an clear understanding of the content of the text which the user provides, and then, using computer graphics and animation it creates a corresponding visual representation of the text.

The resulting video can include backgrounds, images, graphics, animations, text, and audio from actors used in training, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including things like advertising, explainer videos (like the one we are proud to present below as a sample), products and much much more.  Synthesia is a fabulous example of an online text to video application – it was used to create the video coming up next below.

Where can I join to get the video AI?

Just click this link to get the actual software we used as above – Synthesia

How does text to video ai work?

Text-to-video AI works by breaking down the inputted text into its constituent elements such as the main message, key themes, and some other relevant details, it uses this information to generate a visual representation of the text in the form of an Mp4 file. This can often involve a number of steps being taken before the video is generated by the AI:

  1. Text Analysis… The first step is to analyze the input text to extract all relevant information like the main message key themes and extra supporting details which are needed. This is performed using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms including sentiment analysis with named entity recognition and topic modeling.
  2. Scene Generation… Based on the information extracted from the text, the AI system generates a series of scenes or frames that together form the visual representation of the text. Each scene may include text, images, graphics, and animations that help to convey the meaning of the text.
  3. Animation and Audio… The AI system then adds animations and audio to the scenes to make the video more engaging and dynamic. This might include character animations, object movements, and sound effects, background music and voice-over narration which can even be enhanced with local accents and different forms of emphasis (like happy, sad etc).
  4. Video Rendering… Finally, the AI system renders the video, which is then output as a final video file that can be played back on various devices.

The exact details of how text-to-video AI works can vary depending on the specific platform or software being used, but the basic process is similar across different currently available to users.

If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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