AC Power Bank 60w Charger for Laptop / Tablets / Mobile Review

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We like looking at power banks, and when this AC power bank with a 60w – 70w AC outlet came up for review we jumped at the chance.
The package arrived very well presented in a coloured stylish box as can be seen in the picture below.

The first thing to do after unpacking it was take a look at the small instruction pamphlet then give it a charge.  The LED lights on the front of the power bank indicate the charge level, and on arrival the power bank seemed to indicate it was around 80% full.  Immediately – being in the UK – I noticed that the full package is geared around the UK style plugs – a refreshing change and well worth noting that no adaptors are needed to either plug the power bank into the mains, or to provide power to devices in need of charge.

Whats so special about this 60w AC power bank?

Well the thing about this, which makes it appealing moreso than others I have in my possession, is that it has an AC outlet.  What this means is that not only can it charge devices via a standard USB type A or type C cable – the ones we are all used to seeing (the large and small variations) – but it can be used to charge items such as laptops containing rechargeable batteries.  By plugging  the adaptor from the device into the top of this unit using the three pronged plug provided with the device – you effectively emulate plugging it into the mains power (for the purposes of charging).

The laptop I have is a very old HP – and its internal battery does not work anymore in that it will not charge.  However using the NoVoo power bank, I was able to connect the laptop mains adapter to the AC outlet on the unit as though I was plugging it into the mains, and then boot the laptop with no problem.  I left the equipment running for around 15 minutes with no problems and surfed the net over wifi.

During the operation of the laptop, an LED light was visible on the top of the Novoo beneath the plug, and it’s also worth pointing out that the input jack (which charges the power bank) was blocked by the plug which supplied the laptop.  Therefore preventing charging whilst draining.

Next I wanted to test the use of the larger of the two USB sockets – I have no devices which use the smaller type at both ends – or accept input to the smaller end for output at the larger.

For this trial I used a pair of blue tooth headphones which are used on a regular basis with samsung tablets.  Simply plugging the cable into the headphones, and then the other end into the USB socket on top of the power bank caused the headphones to start charging.

How can the Novoo AC 60w Power Bank Be Used?

If you are going camping the Novoo is perfect.  You will be able to charge up compatible devices (normally those accepting the 5v USB charge) whilst you are on holiday.  For example we have some camping lanterns which can be recharged using this.  Another use whilst away would be when your tablet or even laptop runs out of power – with particular focus on your laptop – because most of these will only charge via an AC socket – problem solved.  You will be able to re-charge the portable power bank from the electricity supply on site.  Take note that the ac output socket on the top is protected by a cover to help prevent dust and dirt from getting inside – always useful for a portable item.

The manual states that should an abnormal connection be detected – then the power bank will automatically stop all outputs, during normal operation however, the LED strip of 5 lights displays the current charge status using a variety of blink/off/on signals.

Overall this gadget serves its purpose very well.  I was impressed by the way it powered up a very old windows 7 laptop even though there was no power from its internal battery at all.  This is the first time the laptop has managed to operate without a direct mains connection for a number of years.

With a hefty 20100 mah rating, it will provide enough charge to power multiple devices before needing a re-charge itself – naturally this depends on the demands of the devices being connected to it – however having only used up to 16500 mah banks before – I can safely say that this will have no problems charging mobile phones and tablets in particular – the variations on actual laptop batteries are wide ranging – but I very much doubt you would be disappointed.

60 - 70w AC power bank

60 - 70w AC power bank










          • - Can charge a laptop via AC socket
          • - Two types of USB output aswell


          • - LEDs are slightly faint.
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