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Well over the years we’ve seen literally tens of dating sites which have various levels of sophistication in terms of the way they match people, and also various different niches aswell.
I mean we even have dating for professionals, uniforms, by region.  However one which is new on the block is the incredibly niche site for canal boat and narrowboat dating for meeting people.  So if you are one of those lucky people who lives aboard a narrowboat – either as a constant cruiser or a liveaboard on a marina and you’re looking for love, why not pay the site a visit and see if there is anyone there who you would like to meet up with?

There are various different search criteria – here is a screenshot from inside the website when a user has performed a search and is looking at the details of a sample member profile.
Love on the cut canal boat dating for singles

Its a bit tricky to put a location on a person who cruises the waterways, but the system allows for this by having a location which is “current” as specified by the member.  This effectively allows the member to modify their location as and when they move around.  Whereas on a traditional website for dating and romance, you would typically have a fixed address and that would form part of your search criteria.

The website itself is chock full of fantastic canal based images to give it that definitive look and feel of a true waterways based website – in other words, you can easily feel at home once you’re on the website.  Here is a sample of the front screen – the image changes each time (or at least randomly to a certain extent) you connect!

Many images give a canal related theme
You can choose friendship or dating once inside


You don’t need to be looking for love, you can use the site for just friendship or to make a contact – as there are various search options and filters.  These include “Friendship”, “Friendship and maybe more”, “Relationship” – so you get the picture.

In the long term you may have to pay a membership – but as the site is brand new, they are running (as I type this) a free period whereby the 1st 100 people to join get in free for life with full access to all the facilities.  We don’t have an actual figure for the cost of a full membership once all 100 spots have been taken – but typically these dating sites aren’t that expensive and often come in at around £10 a month give or take.

So why not give them a go?  You can leave anytime if its not for you, but be aware as it is so new the only profiles in there at the moment are those which are there for demonstration purposes whilst the one hundred free spots are taken up.

If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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