Victorinox Kitchen Scissors – very sharp.

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So big deal eh?  Cooking and messing around with things in the kitchen and whatever – but seriously, everyone needs a good pair of scissors they can grab easily to open up those plastic packages and get on with the job at hand.  So I browsed through that ever popular shopping site and found these VICTORINOX kitchen scissors.  My needs are fairly straightforward and common I suspect, i’m no kitchen wizard or anything…..

Opening bacon, cutting cardboard, trimming string, slicing through rind – all the usual tasks.

Very Sharp Scissors from Victorinox
Sharp Scissors for the home

So if we take a closer look at these, we see theres a center grip which in all honesty I have simply zero ideas about the uses for that, maybe a bottle opener of the twisting kind?  Who cares, what i’m bothered about are the blades, and boy are they sharp.  You know when you’ve got a good pair of scissors when you open and close them and you can hear the metal make contact all the way down the blades as the close shut or re-open.  Good contact is essential for a complete cutting action without stalling down the cut.  The Victorinox scissors maintain this connection all the way along – write down the blades to the very tip.

The black plastic handle is my only gripe, but to be honest – it is a really tiny gripe and won’t apply to everyone.  I think it’s a right or left handed thing whereby on some scissors you get the handles shaped so that your thumb isn’t square with the handle (because naturally as you hold them it isn’t).  These have not been molded to suit either hand (not that I could detect anyway) and therefore I suppose they are ambidextrous in nature.  My preference would be to have scissors which fit my hand better.  The amount of force I would be prepared to apply to cut is therefore potentially reduced (although probably not by an amount which anyone would ever notice) when cutting something extremely tough – which you probably wouldn’t be wanting to do anyway with a pair of kitchen scissors.  Why do I say reduced then?  Well with a comfy pair of scissors I could probably apply more force before they irritate my hand a bit – but that’s about it really.  Completely unproven but just what I suspect and the more I consider this all I would do to apply more force is move my hand around anyway!  To be truthful, these are so sharp and so effective that the shape of the handle would not stop me buying them – but some people may prefer left or right handed scissors specifically.

See them with the blades open
See them with the blades open

These Victorinox scissors are so sharp that when I move them along a bacon pack without opening and closing them (slide them along) they don’t snag or catch, they simply glide through and cut along the edge without any trouble at all.  The same goes with cutting a sheet of standard A4 printer paper, I positioned the blades on the edge of the paper and slid it along cutting it all the way across without snagging.

Victorinox Scissors

Victorinox Scissors




    • - Super Sharp Scissors
    • - Good Length Blades


    • - No shaped handles (minor)
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