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Simply Eliquid Review
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You won’t find many website reviews on ReviewRaptor but simply eliquid is an exception, websites aren’t generally what we are about reviewing – more products related overall – however I have been using for months now and felt compelled to review them due to being one heck of an extremely satisfied customer.

I’ve ordered from many online retailers over the years – and some are so atrocious that I wouldn’t even want to bring ReviewRaptor down by listing them!  Simply Eliquid are different – and here’s why.

Special offers – it is an absolute pleasure to receive promotional emails from this company – they are relevant to what I need, and actually offer fantastic value for money as opposed to the generic kind of junk mail you get from other merchants.  They do not spam me, they simply send out emails on an infrequent but useful basis which match my requirements to a tee.  They give a promotional discount within the email which can be used for the period of the promotion.

Range of products – I am rather limited in my approach to vape juice flavours – in other words I have my favourite and tend to stick with it.  Having said this the range on offer is incredible, and I am certain they have something for everyone.  In addition to the variations on flavour – there is also the breakdown of bottle sizes and nicotine strength within each.

Price – I am more concerned with quality (which is why I stick with these guys) over price nowadays – but their prices are more than reasonable and very competitive.  A system is in place whereby you can earn reward points and redeem these on the purchase of your choice.  I have used this effectively over many orders.  When you take both their initial price and the rewards into consideration (not to mention FREE SHIPPING on orders over a certain amount) then in very real terms they are hard to beat.

Delivery – this is always a big issue for me, why?  Because when it comes to getting my hands on my eliquid – speed is of the essence!!  There is nothing worse than running low on juice only to realise your supplier is going to take an age to get your order to you.  NOT SO WITH SIMPLY ELIQUID – every order I have placed – despite it qualifying for free shipping (which can sometimes with some sellers lead to second class postage) has arrive the NEXT DAY.  My latest order as an example, was placed with them on 19th November 2015 and it arrived within 24 hours – here it is 🙂
Blackjack from simply eliquid
As you can see from the picture – I am a fan of the blackjack 18mg eliquid which tastes a bit like Pernod (Aniseed) and is a digression from natural tobacco flavours.  It’s so dam good I could write a review on this alone!! (but that is subjective I guess).  Anyway, you can see the typical order delivery – pristine bottles with sealed lids ready to go.  An order placed, and within 24 hours a great quality product delivered in perfect condition.

Vape equipment – they also do a range of vape equipment including Kangatech, Anyvape, Evod, Aspire, Ego, Eleaf, HorizonTec, JoyeTec and many more.  I am currently looking to replace my old vape pen now, with something more powerful and with a stronger brand which I can be more confident to be able to get spares for as replacement parts such as batteries, coils and tanks are typically needing replacement every few months no matter which vape pen you decide to go with.  Needless to say, I will be buying from simply eliquid as they do the accessories to fit the brands they sell.

Contactable and Friendly – what can I say?  I have spoken with the company both on the telephone when I needed advice on the liquid, and also on the chat when I needed to make a stock enquiry – whats the big deal?  I will say this – in my experience any company which mans a chat box on a website is worth its weight in gold – because I operate chat boxes on commercial domains and they can be extremely time consuming and hard work.  On the telephone front, they answered immediately and took my order over the phone to save me time online.

In every single aspect I can think of – this company gets 10/10 – PERIOD.

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    If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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