Powerful Neodymium Magnets

Take care these magnets are ultra powerful
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As a kid I was always fascinated by magnets, pulling them out of motors from my toys etc. and never being able to put them back together again (the toys that is).  These days magnets have come a long way it seems, here’s the low-down on super strong and powerful Neodymium magnets.

First of all, these come with a warning – and rightly so – if you get your skin (for example on the end of your finger or knuckle) caught between one of these neodymium magnets and some attracting metal, you are in a world of pain!  They can easily cut your skin through sheer attractive pressure if they are handled incorrectly and it is advised that leather gauntlets are worn whilst holding them.  Seriously, if you haven’t come across this kind of magnet before – caution is strongly advised!

Let me give you an idea.  I wasn’t prepared for the sheer strength of the pulling power of these magnets I bought, even though I was aware they had a listing stating 5.4kg of pull.  You see “numbers” are one thing – attraction in practice is another.  I placed two magnets on the kitchen work top and using my fingers I slowly pushed them closer together until the magnetic force began to take hold.  In a split second the magnets had jolted together and one of the literally shattered into two halves – that’s how strong they are.

Neodymium Magnet Pull
Powerful attraction from these magnets.

Next to my trusty pen the magnet can be seen as being small and thin – but don’t let this fool you into thinking its weak!  This thing is a beast and so strong infact that if you join two together, you are very unlikely to be able to pull them directly apart without sliding them – but beware you don’t trap the skin on your hands between them as you separate them.  Like normal magnets they have two poles of north and south and can flip round and slam together in the blink of an eye – completely catching you unaware.  The next thing you know they are stuck together on your hand and you are in serious pain!

So why did I get these powerful neodymium magnets instead of normal ones?

My issue is an untidy fridge.  Yup – I live in one of those houses where every scrap of paper is stuck to the fridge with magnets, making up vertical piles which just get thicker by the year.  So I needed stronger magnets to stop things falling off the fridge.  Simples.  I suppose you could use these on large heavy fridge magnets – but in truth depending on the material of the ornament the magnet would rip itself off the item before it came off the fridge!!!

Now above I stated that the ones I bought were 5.4kg pulling strength.  Well I am not joking – I have seen these at 50kg pull – and these are dangerous enough I cannot imagine the damage a 50kg version could make.

All in all these magnets are absolutely superb, and if one had not shattered on contact with another (with its own magnetic field force) then I would give 100 – but because of that I say 95.  But if you look after them and don’t allow them to attract each other or slam against a metal surface then you will be ok.

Fantastic – so whilst I only got hold of 4 initially – I ordered another 4 shortly after – my fridge is now tidy.

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets

4 Pack



    • - Ultra Powerful
    • - Smooth
    • - Coated for protection
    • - Nice size


    • - Take care handling
    • - Perhaps a bit brittle?
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