Pair of Camping Lanterns Battery Powered

Battery powered camping lanterns
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This pair of camping lanterns, I have had for a while and only just got round to using them.  We recently went on a “glamping” trip (which for those not with the lingo is the word used for “glamorous camping” lol.

Anyway, these came for free for me to review – and given that I have actually been away with them I think its fair to say what I thought of them from actual experience.

Superb.  Period – well not period actually because I have the whole review to write yet, but you get the point.  We went off to a place in Anglesey for a three night camping stay in a Yurt – which is a huge round tent which is pre-pitched rather than having to set up one of our own when we arrived.  Whilst they were posh as far as camping goes, they had no power and thankfully I had packed these two lanterns with fully charged (AA x 3) batteries just in case.

These Lanterns for Camping can be used as torches
Lanterns and Torches

So as you can see in the photo above, there are two camping lanterns which each require 3 aa batteries.  Access to the batteries is through a twisting top cap and they are easily replaceable – unlike some of these things you can buy these days which contain lithium ion batteries which, once they stop re-charging, render the entire kit useless.  No – these are standard batteries and I use duracell rechargeable ones which to me is the most sensible option over either……
a) Non-rechargeable.


b) Lithium Batteries.

So there you go, in one sweep you have a huge plus on the side of these because they aren’t disposable due to non-replaceable batteries.  They come as a pair which is ideal for tents because you can hang one at one end of the tent and the other at the opposite end giving good even light across the area.  But wait, there is more to these than meets the eye.  Did you notice that the camping lantern on the right is actually currently configured as a torch?

The top of each lantern slides in and out of the main case, which means that when it is slid out, the large bulb as shown in the left lantern is exposed giving off all-round light.  The power switch toggles through the modes which are lantern on/torch on/all off.  So you can choose as you go.  The torch is also very bright and gives off more than enough light to allow you to make your way to the public toilets should you need to go in the dead of night, or if you prefer, you can use the lantern feature instead.  These really are bright too – there were a lot of people on the campsite with lanterns and torches which included dynamo models, whilst I am not saying these are the brightest in the world, they were certainly brighter than anything anyone else was carrying with them that night.

I am extremely pleased with these, and whilst they don’t get used that often I am certain they will come in handy again when we next go camping.  I have included a pair of sunglasses in the image so you can get a sense of the size of the lanterns and measure how convenient they are.

Pair of Camping Lights / Lanterns

Pair of Camping Lights / Lanterns

Pair of Lanterns



    • - Operate as torch or lantern
    • - Can replace batteries
    • - Very bright


    • - Slightly flimsy feeling - but lightweight
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