Long Firm Tablet Stand Holder Ideal for iPad or Android in the Bedroom and Office

72cm tablet holder/stand
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Being the lazy trout I am, I like to lie in bed for days on end watching box sets on my tablet via Amazon or Netflix.  For this I need an ideal holder for my android tablet which can extend either from my headboard, over the top of my head and then down in front of me, or from the side of the bed about halfway down and then up and over towards the middle where I can watch it whilst sitting semi-up.

I absolutely trawled the internet trying to find a gooseneck version (bendable but firm)  which would be long enough to do what I wanted.  I read lots of reviews and found nothing but the usual crying idiots out there complaining that they couldn’t type with the ipad tablet because the stand holder wasn’t firm enough.  Well if you want to do office work with a tablet stand then you are probably doing something wrong – they ain’t meant for that so tough (although of course it is more than feasible to type the name of a program or movie in to do a search – just a pain to do huge documents lol).  But still, I had to find one which didn’t sink down under the weight of the tablet (mine is a 10 inch tablet and fairly heavy) – but I wasn’t concerned with typing problems that’s for sure.

It is a bit on the odd side to photograph this one with it being so long at 30 inches (76cm) – and that is just the arm itself.  I have placed it on the kitchen floor for you to see.  Not quite an ideal subject!
Tablet holder 30 inches can be adjusted
Looks a bit odd but hey ho.  Now, you can see the adjustable clamp on the right, this unscrews and and tightens to move the clamp closer or open it.  So if you tighten that long black part the clamp fingers close.  In my case I attached a bracket on the side of the bed to give the stand something to clamp on to rather than fixing it to the actual bed (which is padded along the sides, so it wasn’t ideal).  Here is the long and firm tablet holder in position as I like it – headphones at the ready and prepared for a long session on netflix.  You can see that it is easily long enough to reach over the bed and hang centrally in front if my eyes at a good height.
Tablet holder attached to bed
Behind the actual tablet holder is a sprung set of clasps which can extend to accommodate various sizes of tablets or phones – whichever you prefer.  It is also rotatable so if you want to grip the device from the sides rather than the top and bottom, you can.  This could be important depending on where the buttons are positioned on the screen you are using.  The tablet can be swiveled because that black holder you can see which is gripping the tablet is fixed to the main arm by a ball and socket assembly allowing the screen to be positioned in any direction for perfect viewing.  The gooseneck or arm itself is flexible – as you can see I have placed a main bend in it to direct the arm over the bed – then another curved loop to aid in aiming the tablet correctly (finer adjustments are made with the ball joint).

The extra length of this tablet holder solves all the problems you get with aching arms and over heating too.  Because there is zero effort involved once you are happy with the position and your screen won’t overheat due to the the fact it is insulated by the bed sheets.

Watch box sets in bed with a tablet holder
There is a close up of the clamp which fastens the extra long holder to the bed (in my case).  You can see how it operates – twist the long handle which runs up the arm clockwise and the clamp shuts, anti-clockwise and it opens – standard threading really.  This is quite a strong setup – although I would advise that over tightening it could break it because it’s made of plastic – including the threads.  However they are thick threads and I have been using this for months now with no problem – and I loosen it to turn the tablet down to the bottom of the bed every single day I use it (which is a lot).

With my tablet (as seen) the arm does not droop over time – it remains solid throughout the night (because sometimes I fall asleep whilst watching stuff so I know its solid enough).  All in all – I can’t get enough of this – and I am giving it a score of 100 because it has solved all my box set problems!

Gooseneck Tablet Holder / Stand

Gooseneck Tablet Holder / Stand

72 CM Arm



    • - Long enough for a bed
    • - Firm - doesn't droop
    • - Good clasp
    • - Bendy for positioning
    • - Rotating head


    • - None
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