LED TV Strip Light Backlights – Coloured

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I’m not a huge fan of sticking lights behind my TV, but some people are and here’s a review of some LED TV backlights for you to check out.

Backlighting the TV does what it says – puts light on the wall behind the television set (hopefully there is one!)  This particular set of lights comes with a small remote control which allows you modify the action and colours of the lights once they are in place.  They do not react to sound – they are simply either steady or flashing depending on the setting you have configured them for at any given moment.  Here is the full LED TV Strip Lights kit for backlighting the TV which is in for review.

Kit for fitting the LED backlights to TV

Change the settings with a remote controller

As you can see there is a reel in the kit which the strip light arrives wound on – so for storage (should you ever need to remove them and stick them back in the box) the lighting strip can be wound onto the reel and the LEDs will then get some protection when put away.  Notice a couple of things there, included in the pack is a user manual which basically explains how to use the remote control which I have decided to show separately as a larger photo so that you can see the various configuration settings as printed onto the buttons, along with the colours available.  Going back to the LED TV strip lights themselves, on the rear of the strip is lined with adhesive sticky tape which is peeled off revealing the sticky side which adheres to whatever you decide to stick it to.  This is where things get a bit odd though if you ask me.  They have made the strip lights accept power by a USB port.  Now – you will have to consult your TV manual to see if it’s ok to connect these to any USB ports on the TV set you are applying these to.  For myself, I do not have a USB port on the television as the model I have came out long before the ports were added.  With this situation I would be left requiring some kind of plug socket next to the set which allowed me to connect an adaptor to it which had a USB type power supply.  Check with the seller before you do this to ensure that whatever solution you have in mind is both compatible but more importantly SAFE with this gadget.  I am not making any suggestions to you whatsoever – it is up to you – the reader – to make your own enquiries with the seller regarding providing these LED strip lights with power.  Further down the cable you can see the remote control receiver.

The lights themselves are very very bright indeed – with pin sharp LED’s emitting a variety of colours onto the wall.  The brightness of the entire strip is adjustable with the controller provided.  Along with the option to leave the lights on with a constant shine, you can select from different patterns causing the LEDs to flash and fade and basically jump around creating different backlighting effects to suit the mood or perhaps the movie you are planning to view.

Here is a photo of a couple of the LED’s in close-up so you can get an idea of their brightness and a feel for how sharp they are.
Colours of the Backlighting.This will cast a soft purple shine onto the wall behind the TV – if thats the sort of thing you are looking for.  If not, there are a number of different colours which can be seen on the controller but these are as follows :-

Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Cyan, Yellow, Purple and White.

The patterns can be used to cause the strip to show more than one colour at the same time with alternating values.

In all this sort of thing isn’t for me – so I don’t like them – however there is a difference between whether I like them as a feature, or a product.  As a product they are well presented and functionally equipped – they appear to do the job and therefore this must be said.  These don’t appear to have a brandname.

TV LED Striplights for Backlighting

TV LED Striplights for Backlighting




    • - Nice range of colours
    • - Bright
    • - Remote operated
    • - Patterns included


    • - USB powered
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