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We are now accepting products for review.  Use the instructions below to get your products listed here at

Simply contact us with an email to the email address shown on the Raptor below.  We do this because of spammers – rather than place the email address in text, we have to protect it by putting it in the image.  This stops automated spam.  Continue reading below the Raptor.

My Review

In the email – tell us what it is you would like us to review for you.  Include a URL to the product if this is possible – don’t worry if not.  We will reply within 24 hours with the next steps.

Note that not one single review on this website is inaccurate in any way.  If we like your product we will say so in our review – if not – then we will also say so and highlight why.  This may or may not be detrimental to your overall sales, as quite often, certain points are a matter of opinion or irrelevant to a given reader – although our reviews are kept as factual as possible.  If your product is good, we will rate it accordingly.

The benefits of having a product reviewed by Review Raptor are far reaching – the following list includes just some of the marketing advantages of inclusion.

Social Media Share Potential.
Each of our reviews has Share buttons at the top and the bottom of the actual text and image content.  Readers can rapidly share your review across the social networks if they feel it is appropriate to their needs.  This includes Facebook.

Market Penetration.
It isn’t a good idea to be only listed on one website – your reach is limited to the website with the listing.  The more exposure you get – the better.  Should one platform you either sell on, or are currently listed on fall foul of fraudulent activity, you will still be able to rely on other websites and their good reputation.

Independent Reviews.
It’s all very well being reviewed by customers on your sales platform – but you are also open to potential fraud from competitors.  Our genuine reviews are LOCKED DOWN – no competitor can write their false claims against your review.  In addition, why should you have to put up with whining complaining customers who have nothing better to do with their time than complain and make false claims.  We believe in protecting sellers from consumers, just as much as we believe in the rights of the consumer.  As internet traders for over 10 years, we know how hard it is to counter an irate customer with personal issues – independent reviews can help maintain a good reputation.

Reviews are Free.
We want your products to review, and you want our reviews – this is a perfect win win situation.  Your review is free – and the products are returned to you.  All you need to pay is postage.  We take the photographs (or you can use your own if you wish to provide us with these), and we study and use the product before reviewing.

Get a Review Raptor Star Rating Badge.
Once your review is online, you can request a graphic which is branded and shows your customers what rating the product achieved.  This can be inserted alongside your product on your blog or sales page – a link direct to your review can also be added to make the badge clickable and opening in a new window.Ratings
Reviews are done for you in a couple of days – you can expect your listing to be live within a matter of 48 hours after the item reaches us.  We will maintain contact with you at all stages and should we have any questions or issues – we will contact you before publishing in order to resolve.

Remember – our reputation is one with bite – a 5 star review here is hard to earn – but should your item get it – it will be worth your while………

Send your email to the address above without delay and we will get right back to you.

Raptor Team!

If You Have a Friend on Facebook - Let them Know About This Item!!!!

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