Eyekepper Metal Frame Cheap Reading Glasses

Eyekepper metal framed glasses for low price reading
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Ok, I have to finally admit it – I am knocking on now at 47 years old and having stared at a screen for most of my life (working with computers) I am having trouble seeing small print text close up.  Well, I associate the screen work as being partly to blame but it may well simply be that time of life!

I decided to get some reading glasses – I can see far away no problem in good focus, but close up reading requires assistance.  The eyekepper (not sure if that is supposed to be EyeKeeper or not) metal frame glasses I found online are cheap and cheerful and I thought I would give them a try – for the cost I couldn’t go far wrong.  I did my own eye test in a local shop which also sold reading glasses on one of those rotating displays.  It had a chart, a mirror and a range of lens strengths which I could try against the chart until I was confident about the strength I needed.  I make no apology for not going to an optician, these stores are selling readers alongside the charts and are clearly happy with the legalities of this method of self lens selection.  I would however say that if you are unsure in any way whatsoever, go and see a professional eye specialist, you could damage your eyes if you don’t and also, if there are any other problems such as imbalances in vision or performance between your two eyes, then a chart in a shop won’t show this, a professional will – and will offer a better solution.

Anyway – I am happy that my eyes are equally bad as each other, so I plumped for a quick test in the shop then back to the PC and internet for my purchase.  On a popular trading domain whos name we all know there is a seller called Eyekepper offering metal frame reading glasses at a very cheap price – actually 9.99 for four pairs.  I need four pairs because I want them around the house when and where I need them.  Ideally I want to leave them all over the place so that when I want to read something in the kitchen (for example) I can just pick them up, put them on and study those tiny cooking instructions!

I ordered a pack of four pairs of glasses and they turned up shipped direct from china in about 10 days.  How do they do it for the price?  Anyway, a couple of the nose rest prongs were a little bit bent on arrival – no problem, I just got my pliers and bent them back into shape.

They are 2.00 in power (there is a wide range on sale) and the glass in the lenses is absolutely spot on clear.  The second I put them over my eyes I can read the computer screen as though I was 20 years old again!  Stunning.  The good thing about these aswell is that they (for my needs) are large roundish type lenses – rather than the slender type which you can peer over if need be.  I prefer the larger glass lenses as I just remove the glasses if i’m watching tv or don’t need them for reading.

The ones I chose are in black, although other colors are available.  The nose pieces are made so that they pivot on their mounts – making them fit any nose (I suppose there are limits!!) perfectly comfortably.  The arms are covered towards the ears with a rubbery coating which makes them comfy to wear and they are so light I can barely feel them on.  Folding them away reveals that they are spring loaded at the hinge which stops them closing inadvertently and makes for a more solid feel when they are on.

My only problem is that I want more of these glasses so I can leave them round the house and annoy the wife who would claim to be constantly clearing up after me!  My reading eyesight is now (as far as I’m concerned) as good as it gets, with even the smallest print I encounter being easy to read – like the instructions on packaging which is so small I don’t know why they bother printing it – legal thing I suppose.

All up 10/10.

Eyekepper metal framed glasses for low price reading

Low Priced Reading Glasses Metal Framed.

Low Priced Reading Glasses Metal Framed.






      • - Ultra Clear Glasses
      • - Solid Frame
      • - Comfortable Nose Mount
      • - Comfy Ear Rests
      • - Fantastic Focus


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