De’Longhi Brillante 4 Slice Toaster

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Well what a difficult task it really is, trying to locate a toaster which accepts 4 slices of bread to toast in one go and with slots which are large enough to accommodate the warburtons medium sliced loaf of bread.  Say hello to the De’longhi Brillante Toaster!  Now then, I don’t speak many languages, and it could be argued my English isn’t that spectacular either, so taking the word Brillante out of the name I would have to argue that this means “brilliant”, and rightly so, because out of all the toasters I looked at whilst trying to find a four slice toaster which met my expectations / requirements this was the only one I saw which actually came even close.  Lets take a look…….

Make 4 slices of toast in one go
Toast 4 at once with the De’longhi toaster

There’s my prized De’Longhi toaster in situ in the kitchen and ready to make the breakfast.  Being the kind of person who isn’t satisfied with 2 rounds of toast in the morning (although 3 normally hits the spot) I needed a 4 slicer in order to not have to bother faffing around trying to butter the toast whilst carrying on with the next lot.  My dilemma was quite simple, I only eat warburtons bread – nothing else will do for me, its “nice” and I am “used” to it and don’t want to change.  So being the stick in the mud type, I had to find a four slice toaster which could carry my favourite bread.  Now it has all the usual features as follows :-
a) Browning Adjustment.
b) Separate sprung compartments (in pairs – so two handles)
c) Cancal button
d) Lock out with no power (it won’t stay “down” if not powered on)
e) Auto popup
f) Defrosting facility
g) Sliding floor for easy clean

Oh – and it looks really nice on the kitchen work surface, it has this patterned design and is in shiny black with a silver chrome top part as you can see.  So lets address the main issue here – the size of the compartments.  I don’t really want to pick too much, but they could be slightly larger, if only a cm in both vertical and horizontal dimensions.  See the photo below as I have loaded up a slice of warburtons bread into one of the delonghi slots for good measure.

See how the warburtons fits the toaster
Showing the size of the loaf

So this bread is inserted vertically into the toaster – if you imagine a rectangle for the warburtons bread, then its long side runs from top to bottom and the short side is showing there poking out of the top.  At least it isn’t sticking out as much as some of the toasters have it!  Then you can see or estimate where the top element wire is – you can just about see it in the next toasting slot along.  It is below the top of the bread.  This means that there IS a bit of the bread left only slightly toasted at the very top – say about 2cm.  But once the process of toasting is about halfway through, if you are so inclined you can turn it round – but even me with my own personal fussy level can’t be bothered, as it does tend to at least dry out a bit/crisp up even though it isn’t browned.

If the bread slice is rotated so that you insert it long edge first – it doesn’t quite fit (you could cut a crust off I suppose), but can be turned after a short toasting as mentioned above – this is because the bread shrinks as the moisture is removed (I think).

So whilst this isn’t 100% perfect for me – it’s as good as it gets as far as I could find and I am happy with it overall.  Go get one!

De'Longhi Brillante 4 Slice Toaster

De'Longhi Brillante 4 Slice Toaster

Black and Chrome Toaster



    • - Takes 4 Slices
    • - Large Slots
    • - Separate Levers
    • - Looks Nice


    • - Could be a tiny bit bigger
    • - but good enough!
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