Compact Mini Dehumidifier For Damp and Moisture Drying

Front view of compact dehumidifier from amzdeal
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Keep your window ledges dry with a compact dehumidifier which is mains driven and absorbs the damp and moisture keeping your windows free from condensation – mini dehumidifiers are especially good at dehumidifying during the cold winter months when wetness tends to build up during the night in the bedroom.

Condensation build up can be a real problem even with relatively sound double glazing.  The problem arises when steam or moisture in the air comes into contact with the cold surface of the glass.  The panes do not need to be blown to suffer this problem, as the inner sheet will generally always be colder than the room if the temperature outside is below a certain level, particularily if its freezing.  The basic idea behind a compact dehumidifier is that if it is placed in the ideal location, then whether or not it’s of the mini type, it will collect some moisture out of the air before it comes into contact with the glass and therefore not give the water droplets a chance to condense and make a mess.

The compact dehumidifiers come in various types and sizes, this one is by Amzdeal and as you probably guessed by its name it can be found on a well known website for sale.  The dehumidifier review follows :-

It has dimensions of 22 cm high x 15 cm wide x 12 cm deep so you can tell just how small it is, however if this doesn’t mean much to you because you use another unit of measurement, the photograph below will give you a good indication of its actual size and from this you will be able to determine in your own mind whether or not it is going to be impractical or otherwise.

View the size of this dehumidifier.

As you can see, it is small and easily moveable and can be positioned on or near to a window.  Note that it doesn’t require that it will be used in this way, for example it can be placed anywhere there is excess moisture and the air will be dehumidified in the same way.  The purple bit at the base of the dehumidifier is the water collection bowl.  It slides smoothly in and out and has a detector present above and inside it so that when it becomes full the sensor turns off the fan to prevent overflowing.  Whilst plugged in, it can also be turned off manually by setting the switch as seen in the top right.

Collection of the water in the tray/bowl.The droplets of water are funnelled into the small hole at the front, the sensor float is at the back in the middle and the pour/ drainage plug can be seen positioned in the top left to aid with the emptying of the tray when it becomes full.  Once emptied, the drawer is simply pushed back inside and the motor can be re-started and water collection can begin immediately.

When operating you will need to provide it with 240v into an adaptor which is thankfully supplied with the product.  I say this because I am all too often buying items these days (especially from online) which arrive with no power adaptor.
Power is supplied by an adaptor
Where you buy one of these from is down to you, but I have poked around online and see that (maybe not this brand) dehumidifiers for the home can be bought in Argos and Homebase for a starters – they tend to cost around the £35 mark.

Operation is very quiet, but it should be noted that it is not completely silent.  So if you intend on running this in a sleeping room, then you will have to get used to the hum of the fan which circulates the air through the condenser.  It is, as I mentioned, quiet – but for some,  it may it a bit too loud.  Maybe the best thing to think about is a clock ticking – but less volume and it isn’t ticking – its humming.

All in all this particular model sucks moisture out of the air like it says on the tin – I am impressed but there are one or two downsides, these can be seen in the dehumidifier review summary below.

Compact Mini Dehumidifier

Compact Mini Dehumidifier

By Amzdeal



    • - Dries the air.
    • - Small and Compact in size.
    • - Fairly Quiet
    • - Easy to empty
    • - Elegant Design


    • - Requires Mains Power
    • - Not Totally Silent
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