Ceiling Projector – LED Ocean Waves and Water Ripples for Relaxation

Relax or Party with the Wave projector
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So here you are after a day of stress at work and all you want is to relax, well maybe the Ocean Waves LED Ceiling Projector is just what you need to give you that wind down feeling with ripples of water moving slowly and subtly across your ceiling in various colour combinations whilst you bathe in a hot bath full of soapy bubbles.

Well, that’s the idea anyway, my personal preference for the LED Ocean Wave projector to be quite honest is a banging house party with the lights in strobe mode flashing away all their different colours and adding that extra dimension to existing party lights.   Rather the opposite in other words, but each to their own.  Now lets take a look at the projector in the following review.

Ceiling Projector with waves and ocean pattern
The ceiling projector itself can be seen above – it is about the size of 3 mugs next to each other – if that.  It is a bowl shaped construction with power and music volume switches on the base.  The power button cycles through 8 different patterns of light which can be projected onto the ceiling, all of which are moving water like effects but the brightness and colour scheme can be adjusted by choosing the desired program.  For example, if you want to relax to soft music and a rolling wave ocean effect spreading across the ceiling whilst you are in the bath, then the single channel “blue” LED’s can be selected giving a slow warm motion effect.  Note that it doesn’t move in time with the music – there isn’t any synchronisation of the music to the lights, but the effect is infact rather soothing as the “water” moves slowly and fairly smoothly as they ripple around above your head.

Notice I said “to music” – well there is a LINE-IN port on the rear of the device which means you can plug your smartphone into this and let it go through the playlist.  The volume is determined by a combination of the setting on your phone and the two volume buttons on the bottom of the light.  Given that there is no sync to the light speed, you could just aswell play the tunes through the phone, but I suspect the speaker quality in the lighting unit is better and louder than your in-built tiny one in the phone.  The option is there should you need it.

It takes 4 AA batteries and I was a bit confused by the instructions as to which batteries were permitted for use in the projector.  You will see what I mean.  Basically there was some issue with single charge batteries whatever they are, and also rechargeable ones were mentioned.  In the end I used duracell AA rechargeable ones and they seem to work fine – although this is not an endorsement or safety recommendation – you must do your own research to establish exactly what to power this with.  There is also a USB cable which comes with it – this provides power although I haven’t bothered looking into whether or not it is to recharge the batteries or to bypass the batteries whilst connected and power the LED’s and motors directly.  The reason is I am happy to use batteries and do not have a powered USB port handy in the bathroom!

Moving on I would like to mention that there is a very slight downside to these when being used in “relaxation” mode.  Every now and then, I assume as the disk rotates to a certain position, there is a rapid “jerk” of the lights projected on the ceiling.  If you are just lying there watching this, I would personally find it annoying, however less picky individuals won’t be bothered by this lack of smooth animation at all as it is only at certain points in the light waves cycle.

Ocean Wave effect led projector
Above you can see a section of my ceiling with the ocean wave LED effects.  My room is almost 20ft in length – and with the projector on the floor, around 75% of the ceiling is covered with the pattern, which naturally diminishes in strength and brightness towards the outer limits due to the distance from the light source.

Operation and running is absolutely silent, you literally cannot hear a thing as the motors turn the magnifying disc through the full sequence.

Lets take a look now at my video review to see the projector sending its ocean waves in full colour glory all over the ceiling!

I am pleased with this, but as I say, I am not one for relaxing to lights, I prefer loud music and a good party and the projector will make an excellent addition to my growing indoor lights collection.

Ceiling Wave Projector

Ceiling Wave Projector




    • - Wide Broad Output
    • - Bright Lights
    • - Nice Colours
    • - Flashing Option


    • - Jerks as it moves sometimes
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