Bluetooth TaoTronics Boom X Stereo 20W Speaker

A loud and clear portable speaker
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So a while back (maybe around 2 years ago now) I got hold of a small bluetooth speaker for using round the house in conjunction with my phone.  I was impressed, it sounded great for its size, had a long battery life and infact still works now – all this time later.  It’s reviewed on this site.  Anyway – this year for the summer I wanted a bigger stereo speaker at around 20w for use outdoors in the summer when having a BBQ in the garden, you know, a bluetooth speaker which is loud enough to boom my music right over to my neighbours so they can “enjoy it” too! (grin).

So perusing the net I came across the TaoTronics Bluetooth BOOM X speaker which looked the part, came in at a reasonable price and had fairly good reviews, some of which I tend to ignore because the reviewers don’t have a clue and really all they do is moan and whine about trivialities (they think they are experts lol).

Here it is – in all its glory and ready to hammer out my greatest playlist during the summer BBQ sessions.

A low priced bluetooth speaker for outdoors
This speaker is loud and clear.

I have placed the biro next to the speaker so that you can get a clearer idea of its width and depth along with its height.  On the top there is a control pad which allows basic manipulation of the volume and power on and off.  If your connecting device (such as phone) is capabale, you will be able to forward to the next track – although I personally find such facilities as rather pointless to be honest because I control my playing from the phone or tablet.  The speaker has what I would describe as a “good” weight to it, its heavy enough not to vibrate itself off the shelf or table but having said that I am sure it could if the right level of sound (in particular bass) was being played loud enough.  It has a rechargeable built in lithium battery – those of you who read my postings on a regular basis will know that I am NOT a fan of built in batteries anymore, and for this reason I am downgrading my score a bit – but ONLY for this reason.

The sound quality is superb – clear and loud – at 20w (dual 10w drivers and dual passive subwoofers) this bluetooth speaker boom x from Taotronics makes its mark with anyone within (I would estimate) about 50 ft plus some!  It is ideal for indoor and outdoor parties, so if for example you placed this in the lounge, then people in the kitchen would have no problem hearing it clearly.  To demonstrate this, I played it on full blast outside and my next door neighbour came out crying it was too loud – and that was through his conservatory and then inner back door and at the other end of a 20ft living room – so about 50ft away and indoors from outdoors.

From the back the boom x looks equally impressive.

A great looking speaker.
So this portable speaker is ideal for various types of situation in my view, and optional accessories include a padded carry case and dedicated charger all for under 40 pounds.  Incidentally – as the battery (which I have had running for about 4 hours – loud) drains, the LED lights on the top show this to warn.

In summary – I have no regrets with this excellent bit of kit and would suggest anyone looking for a great indoor or garden type party speaker get it.

TaoTronics Boom X Stereo 20W Speaker

TaoTronics Boom X Stereo 20W Speaker

Silver 20w



    • - Loud and Clear
    • - Heavy
    • - Known Brand (TAOTRONICS)


    • - Built in battery.
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