Bluetooth Shower Speaker for SmartPhone Waterproof with Clock and FM Radio

Listen to music with a bluetooth shower speaker
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Personally I prefer to take a bath, but a waterproof bluetooth shower speaker is always handy and the tight waterproof aspect makes it ideal for that anyway.  The speaker I currently have isn’t really ideal for either a bath or a hot shower, so when the opportunity came along for a review for a clock, radio and smartphone compatible bluetooth audio shower speaker, I thought i’d dive in and take a look.

Notice that the word “waterproof” actually means “water resistant” – this speaker cannot be immersed in water and I wouldn’t suggest you let the show run on it.  However steam and the odd drop of water shouldn’t have a detrimental effect on the speaker.  Just don’t be silly with it by dunking it underwater and expecting it to work after – it is resistant to the odd splash in the right place – nothing more.  Basically it is ideal for placing in the bathroom, hung outside of major splash area and running water.

The model speaker I have is branded VTIN and it comes in matte black and has the following features.

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Features.

Looking at it from the front, it features a large LED clock which gives you the current time when taking a shower – handy if you’re running late for work or spend ages in the shower and often lose track of the time.  A closer inspection of the front reveals four buttons (as shown below).
Step back and forward through music on phone

On the left is the FM select button, I am not bothering with this as I think radio is garbage these days – full of adverts.  I would rather spend my time listening to my shower speaker playing my music than a bunch of babbling idiots rambling on about the latest gadgets or bathroom sales offers.  Moving on there is a second button which I inadvertently pressed by accident.  My phone started to make a call – I quickly hung it up.  When I am in the bath or the shower, I would never ever bother to speak to someone on the phone.  However, if you are the kind of person who could use a bluetooth hands free device when you’re in the bath – so be it!!

One of the problems I have with my old bluetooth speaker is that to move through the selection in my playlist, I have to operate the software on my smartphone.  So for example, in the shower, this is impossible, because I cannot reach my phone and bring it into the water.  The bath is slightly more convenient because I can lean over and grab a towel and dry my hands before holding the phone which is paired to the speaker with bluetooth and then go back or forward in the playlist as desired.  Still not ideal though.  This VTIN shower speaker however allows me to actually control the current tune being played from the two buttons on the right side of the front.  There is a forward and back button.  I never knew that a device could reverse control a phone over bluetooth – but this one does exactly that.  So if I want to repeat a track, I wait until it is finished then press the left arrow button and it plays again.  Superb.

To charge the speaker you get a USB cable.  I’m starting to understand why the factories don’t send a charger out with everything they sell now, if they did, my house would be full of li-ion 5v USB chargers and most would end up in the bin!  So you get the cable and use a standard USB port at 5v to charge its built in internal batteries – you do not need to purchase additional batteries for the speaker.  Around 10 hours of play time will be achieved with a full charge, although in my experience this can drop over time as the batteries lose their capacity to hold charge.

The sound produced by the shower speaker is not up to the standards of your expensive stereo hi-fi system – but lets not be silly about this – why would it be?  What you do get however is excellent volume, great bass and a level of audio quality for your music which is more than ample for the bathroom.  Lets face it – your bathroom acoustics aren’t likely to be on par with your living room.  Most people with common sense won’t be disappointed with the sound of playback.

Take a shower with your favourite tunes.
So you can see above that the diameter is fairly small and handy enough to take into the bathroom for either a shower or bath and listen to your tunes.

Vtin Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Vtin Bluetooth Shower Speaker

As Seen



    • - Small
    • - Rubber Hanging String
    • - Loud Speaker
    • - Bluetooth compatible
    • - With clock


    • - Water Resistant - instead of waterproof
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